Welcome to the U.S. Veterans MC – Ohio East Chapter website.  We are a nation wide non-territorial Veterans motorcycle club dedicated to the furtherance of Veterans and active duty service members.  USVMC is an organization of brothers who hold our responsibility to our families, our country and our club as our badge of honor.  We do not discriminate, nor do we turn our backs to those who have stood before and after us in the service and protection of this country.  Our members come from all walks of life and we are as diverse as the nation we serve.

We ride the way we served; with Pride, Honor and Integrity.  If you served this country honorably, and are looking for a place to drop your kickstand then please click here to contact an club officer.  We are not an outlaw club, nor do we wear the “1 percent” badge on our cut, but take our responsibility to our country and our families very seriously, and will defend such as fiercely as we did on active duty.

Please take a minute to browse our site to see some of our events, look and our past and upcoming events, and find out about what you need to be a member.

Thank You


(USVMC Ohio East Chapter President)

If this is what you’re interested in contact our Chapter at USVMC.ohioeast@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook at Facebook.com/USVeterans.MC.Ohio.East

Additional information about the U.S. Veterans MC can be found on the National Chapter website.